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Turkey MetGlobal vibrant online travel company office space design
Release time: 2016-06-15
       OSO Architecture team MetGlobal online travel company in Istanbul, Turkey created a new office. This office can accommodate 325 employees, it is located in a building on the top floor the whole floor. Interior design office is also required to meet the characteristics of this position, but also has its own unique style. Thus, the designer with a stylish modern design techniques, with the rational use of a variety of colors, to create a full of vigor and vitality of office space.

       The overall planning of the office is open and integrated in this open office space into a number of entertainment venues. In addition, designers also create a completely closed separate working area, which will help employees concentrate on work. Overall, this office design, considering factors characteristic of the company, business scope, and user characteristics and other aspects, therefore, there can bring a strong sense of belonging.



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